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Meet Your OpIOID Recovery Coach

Hey there! I'm Matt Finch, and I founded Opiate Addiction Support to help people around the world gain their FREEDOM from Opioid Dependence and optimize their Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health.

I'm in my 8th year opioid-free, and I've lived the methods that I teach about on my site and to Clients in my Coaching Program.

I'm most well-known for creating Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0, an Online Course used by over 1,000 people to quit opioids and rebuild their bodies and minds from scratch.

 A Professional Member of the Alliance For Addictions SolutionsI've dedicated nearly 8 years to studying opioid recovery and integrative therapies for addiction.


Opiate Recovery Online Course with Over 1,000 Students

ULTIMATE OPIATE DETOX 4.0 (Read Reviews...)

If you're really serious about wanting to quit opioids in the most comfortable way possible, then look no further.

Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0 is the most Premium Online Course I've ever created, and it will teach you step-by-step "How To Reduce Your Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms by at Least 90%... or MORE.

Personalized Guidance

You will have direct access to Matt Finch (that's Me!) to get one-on-one guidance and support.

Digital Learning

You get instant and lifetime access to the Online Course of Videos, Audios, and PDF Downloads.

Advance Faster

The course is designed to get you the most effective results in the quickest time frame possible.


"The ULTIMATE Opiate Recovery System"

What students & COACHING CLIENTS Are Saying

What do past students and clients think?

I was counting pills and needed about 200 milligrams of Oxy just so I wasn't sick, and after taking the  course I finally got the courage to try another detox. I was able to keep working through the process because I actually felt okay!! Not great, but well enough!! And the post-acute symptoms were hardly there as well. Great course... and I highly recommend!


Student of Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0

I had been using opiates daily for 7 years after a basketball shoulder injury. Suboxone for the last 2 years, and boy that stuff is hard to get off. Enter Matt's coaching: This guy knows more about getting off opiates than anyone. He's compassionate, smart as hell, and with his guidance I managed to end my dependence with ease.


Coaching Client

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