"How To Get Off Opioids Comfortably From Your Own Home, While Reducing Your Withdrawal Symptoms By 90% or More... Guaranteed"

"A-Z Guidance On Quitting Opioids, Preventing Withdrawal, Repairing Your Body, and Rewiring Your Brain Away From Opioids...Forever."

- By Matt Finch, Founder of

Opiate Addiction Support

Do You Feel
Trapped By Opioids?

...And Are You Afraid Of Dreadful Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms And Intense Cravings?

If you answered "yes" to this question, read on to learn how you can comfortably quit get off opioids at home while minimizing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

I'm about to tell you about a SUPER POWERFUL opioid detox and recovery method that can help you GET OFF OPIOIDS WITHOUT WITHDRAWAL.

But first... you need to have a little background on how I discovered this simple system. Here's how it all began...

My Story

I too was once addicted to opioids. In fact, I really believe that I was "Biologically Primed" to become addicted to opioids. When I was 22, I tried opioids for the first time.

My friend Morgan had hurt his shoulder and was prescribed Vicodin, and he gave me one of his pills to try while I was hanging out at his apartment by the beach.

We both took Vicodin at the same time, but I'll never forget the difference of reactions we had to the same drug.

Vicodin and other opioids are central nervous system depressants, so they're supposed to make you tired. Well, that's exactly what happened to my friend Morgan. 

Within 45 minutes of us taking the Vicodin together, he was asleep, nodding forward in his chair, and I'm pretty sure Morgan was drooling a little. I had a completely opposite reaction. THE OPIATES GAVE ME ENERGY!!! But that wasn't all... I also felt Happier, Super-Confident, More Excited About Life... and the "Sky was even a New Shade of Blue!"

By the way: Now you understand why I said I was "Biologically Primed" to become addicted to opiates. The opiates made me feel how I always wanted to feel, and I wanted to feel like that all of the time. 

I absolutely loved opiates, but it wasn't until I was 30 years old that I became addicted to them.


Opiates helped to provide me with Energy, a Relief of Social Anxiety, More Confidence, and they even helped me enjoy my crappy job.


Opiates made life better for a while...

until i developed a big tolerance, then a dependence, and i soon found myself addicted to 200 mg oxy a day!

Being addicted to opiates was hell. It was absolutely horrible being stuck on a drug that was "Eating up my Money," "Ruining my Health," "Screwing up my Relationships," and causing me to "Lower my Integrity." I wanted to quit...badly. But I didn't know what to do.

And every time I tried to quit opiates, I either fell flat on my face, or I succeeded, only to relapse days, weeks, or months later, thus starting the vicious cycle of addiction all over again.

I tried many of the popular and mainstream treatment modalities for quitting opiates, which included Suboxone Treatment, 12-Step Programs, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Outpatient Rehab, and more. 

After personally trying many of the traditional treatment approaches available, I wondered why I could never quit for more than a few days, weeks, or months at a time.

Without opioids I was just too tired, anxious, and unhappy to enjoy life, and without my "Magic Pills" life was really hard and stressful. 

So I really wondered why it was so dang hard to detox and stay off opioids for good. This question ultimately led me down a less traveled path. 

Actually, I paved my own road... and took it upon myself to study hundreds of books on the topics of addiction, neuroscience, health, psychology, spirituality, and more.

my studying paid off, because I quit opioids almost 9 years ago, & since then have mastered the "SCIENCE OF GETTING OFF OPIOIDS WITHOUT WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS"

"Bio-Hacking" is the process of intentionally changing the way you feel by causing strategic, targeted changes to your physiology with things like Medications, Natural Drugs, Dietary Supplements, Nootropics, Diet, Exercise, Breathing Exercises, and much more. If you want to have an easier opioid withdrawal and feel good fast... the solution is not counseling and 12-step meetings. The solution is to hack your own biology.

and Over 5 Years Ago, I Started My Own Coaching Practice, & So Far My proprietary recovery Protocols Have Helped Countless People Get Off Opioids Without Withdrawal

And to me, that is amazing...considering that traditional types of treatment have a 95% failure rate. Why is my method of opioid recovery so effective? After nearly 9 years of continually developing and refining my knowledge... I’ve created a Proprietary System of Opioid Detox & Recovery, which I call "The 5-Pillars of Opiate Recovery."

In this System, there are 5 Pillars that all need to be addressed and treated effectively for an individual to get off opioids without withdrawal and make a Holistic recovery.

Early on in my studies, I realized the main reason most treatment programs fail to help people achieve a long-term, sustainable recovery is because they don’t address all 5 Pillars of Recovery.

Most people have Missing Links that they never attend to! For example, I worked at an Outpatient Program that provided "Medication & Counseling." 

While the talk therapy addressed the psychological aspect of addiction, the medications (Suboxone, Subutex, methadone), while temporarily eliminating opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings, actually exacerbated underlying biochemical imbalances in the long run.

So they weaken the Physical Pillar instead of restoring it to balance.

In popular 12-step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), group members are heavily exposed to Social and Spiritual Elements of Recovery, though the Physical and Psychological Realms are for the most part unattended to.

The Missing Link: The "Biochemical Foundation" of Opioid Recovery

The commonality that traditional treatment approaches share is their "Failure to Address the Biochemical Aspect of Addiction."

Here is a very thought-provoking quote that resonates with me: "The recovery process is frequently described as the restoration of body, mind, and spirit. The problem is that many programs have focused only on the latter two and have ignored the "body" component of recovery.  Addictions are physical substances causing physical changes to a physical organ, the brain. So how do we conventionally treat them? With group therapy and spiritual counseling. Doesn't make sense, does it?"

Here's the thing: Addiction is a 5-part Malady - Bio, Psycho, Social, Environmental, & Spiritual. And my 5-Pillars System effectively treats each of these fundamental components in a "Natural, Holistic way that is conducive to Long-Term Recovery, Health, & Happiness."

Why Is The Biochemical Pillar So Important?

  • Long-term use of opioids leads to harmful brain adaptations that seriously effect mood and behavior. Taking opioids daily for even a month causes your brain to quickly become dependent upon opioids for artificial rushes of Endorphins and Dopamine, neurotransmitters that we need to feel pleasure and to fend off stress.
  • People who get off opioids relapse at a rate of 95% because they feel crappy due to having such severe neurotransmitter deficiencies, so the Biochemical Pillar needs to be the FOUNDATION of recovery. 
  • My system will teach you how to restore healthy neurotransmission fast, using Supplements, Nutrition, Exercise, and dozens of other effective methods.

So... if You Want To "GET OFF OPIOIDS WITHOUT GETTING SICK" Using an Effective, Customized Opioid Detox & Recovery Plan, Here's How I Can Help You Do That...

THE ULTIMATE SYSTEM for preventing opioid withdrawal

After nearly 9 years of continually improving my knowledge and skills as an Opiate Recovery Coach, Author, Teacher, Speaker, and Blogger, I decided to create something that could change the world.

What is it?

Well, imagine how cool it would be if you could extract all of my knowledge on opioid withdrawal and recovery methods, put all of these secrets and this proprietary information into one program, and make it fun, enjoyable, and simple to use... Would that be something you could benefit from? Because that's exactly what I did.

I created the first-ever, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive home-based opioid recovery program, and I just launched the 5th upgrade... making it ULTIMATE OPIOID DETOX 5.0.

This Online Course is the culmination of everything I've learned, and all the strategies and tactics I've created to help you quit opioids from home and kick opioids' ass long-term.

The Ultimate Opioid Recovery System will show you exactly how to quit while eliminating withdrawal and cravings.

What's an Online Course? It's simply a "Digital Learning Program." You just create a username and password, then log in from any type of device with internet connection (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop), and you can start learning at your own pace.

It requires no technical skills. If you know how to check emails then you have more than enough computer skills to log in and out of the course and click on the Activities.

Super simple and fun!

ULTIMATE OPIOID DETOX 5.0 (UOD-5) Consists of 5 Modules & 30 Activities, Including:

  • 1
    VIDEO LESSONS: Sit back and let my information show you how to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
  • 2
    AUDIO LESSONS: Absorb my best epiphanies from studying opioid recovery for 8+ years.
  • 3
    COMMUNITY: Participate in discussion forums with people who can relate to your situation!
  • 5
    COACHING: Live Q&A Sessions hosted by Matt Finch each month - ask him anything!
  • 6
    LIFETIME ACCESS: The course is always improving to reflect cutting-edge research.

Here's How To Get Off Opioids Without Getting Sick (5 Modules & 30 Activities)


You will learn how to navigate the course, read my personal story of addiction, and get started on a strategic journal exercise. Once you complete this section, you'll be more motivated than ever before and will have clearly written intentions that will guide you to victory.


You will learn about the opioid addiction epidemic, the science behind your addiction, and why opioids are so hard to quit. After learning about the Top 7 Obstacles of Opioid Detox & Recovery, you'll know why it's been hard for you until now, but you'll also have a proven system for breaking through obstacles.


You will learn how to condition your conscious and subconscious minds in a powerful way that will make it much easier to quit opioids. Developing an anti-fragile mindset and mental strength really is the best resource you can foster. And after this module, you'll have the an unbeatable mind for quitting opioids.


You will learn all my best proprietary detox protocols that have enabled over 300 of my coaching clients to have comfortable detoxes from home. Module 4 is the heart of the program, and after going through these videos you'll know exactly what to do, step-by-step, to GET OFF OPIOIDS WITHOUT WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS.


You will learn about more supplements, diet considerations, mental techniques, and other resources to both ameliorate and shorten this second phase of withdrawal. After learning from module 5, you'll know exactly what to do when it comes to supplements, other natural therapies, & even comfort meds that many people use short-term to feel comfortable while quitting.


Depending on which opioid you're taking, you also may enjoy 1 or more of the 3 bonus courses you'll get, including Ultimate Suboxone Detox, Ultimate Kratom Detox, & Ultimate Methadone Detox, which are all around 2-3 hours of video lessons each. Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0 is all you need, but these can offer additional support for you.

Here's Your Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1

  • module 2

  • module 3

  • module 4

  • module 5


  • Activity 1: Welcome New Students
  • Activity 2: About Your Instructor
  • Activity 3: My Story of Addiction & Recovery
  • Activity 4: Setting Your Intentions for the Course
  • BONUS COURSES: Ultimate Suboxone Detox, Ultimate Kratom Detox, & Ultimate Methadone Detox
Matt Finch

Founder of Opiate Addiction Support


Matt Finch founded Opiate Addiction Support to help people from around the world dominate opioid dependence and optimize their health. Matt is in his 8th year opioid-free, and he's personally helped thousands of people quit opioids, optimize their health, and build their best lives.

A Professional Member of the Alliance For Addiction Solutions, Matt has dedicated over 8 years to researching and teaching the "Science of a Comfortable Opioid Detox" and the "Art of a Holistic Recovery."


"The Ultimate Opioid Recovery System"

Suggested Retail Price - $1,200

Actual Price - $499

Limited Time Coronavirus 

Flash Sale Price:


Only $97

30-Day Refund Guarantee


What Students Are Saying...

RATING: 5 Stars

Hey Matt, just wanted to say I think your course is the best. I wish I had this info 20 years ago. Just went through the course 1st time. All I can say is you must feel pretty good when you go to bed at night in knowing all the people you've helped so far beat that awful demon called opiate addiction.


RATING: 5 Stars

Matt knows what he is talking about! Thanks to his "custom method" created just for me, I was able to withdraw off of a several year hydrocodone addiction, in which I was taking about 30 pills per day! Detoxed at home with hardly any side effects in 7-10 days! Thanks Matt!


RATING: 5 Stars

I have to admit so far I have been very well, from 16 ml of suboxone to 1ml now. I have not had ANY horrible withdrawals. 

I do what Matt Suggests and it works. Thank you Matt! I wonder when the bad withdrawals are gonna start????


RATING: 5 Stars

I am honestly so proud of myself. I have never thought this could be me. I said it once and I will say it again, I couldn't do this without you & this program. Days 1-3 I literally locked myself in a dark room with my laptop and just did every assignment and took notes and really am just working like my life depends on it.... Because it really does!


Mainstream Addiction Treatment is Stuck in "The Dark Ages"

I recently did a Consultation Session with a businessman client, and he makes $300,000 a year, but he's spent over $200,000 on 5 different "high-end" treatment programs that ALL failed him!!

How is this possible, you ask? Because mainstream rehab still uses methods from the 1930s! Every other field of medicine achieves MUCH better outcomes for patients compared to 40 years ago. 

Meanwhile, "Mental Health" treatment has not progressed at all, with more people dying from opioids, alcohol, other drugs, and suicide than ever before. I have no doubt that I would have relapsed soon after I quit almost 9 years ago if I had not discovered the information I'm about to share with you. Ultimate Opioid Detox 5.0 has my best strategies I've learned and created over close to a decade of full-time work in this area.

The Retail Price of this Premium Course is $499, and other products and services easily cost this much or way more. And at the "Actual Price" of $97... compared to anything else it's a steal.

Think about this for a a moment: "How much money have you spent total, on opioids??" I've had many clients and students that were spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH ON OPIOIDS."

Right now, You can invest $97 (instead of thousands) to end your opioid addiction comfortably and permanently.

Here's a comparison chart to show you how my program is unique, simple, effective (not to mention incorporates the latest research on the brain and psychology).


  • Just $3/day for a month.
  • Quit opioids at home.
  • Post-Acute Detox is over in 1-3 weeks.
  • Fixes Root Causes of YOUR addiction
  • Supplements for brain stability. 
  • Reframe opioids as undesirable.
  • Positive reinforcement (Inspiration).
  • Empower yourself & transcend issues.

Traditional Rehab

  • Costs $500 - $1,000 per day.
  • 1-3 months away.
  • Post-acute detox lasts 3-12 months.
  • One-size-fits-all dogma.
  • 12-steps and AA meetings.
  • Opioids remains "forbidden fruit."
  • Negative reinforcement (shame)
  • You're powerless over opioids forever.

Here's What You Get When You Enroll in Ultimate Opioid Detox 5.0

  • 5 Modules & 30 Activities
  • In-Depth Video Lessons
  • Audio Lessons
  • PDF Workbook & Downloads
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Acute Withdrawal Protocols
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Protocols
  • Mindset & Preparation Protocols
  • Live Monthly Q & A's
  • Bonus Courses ($997 Value)


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this course doesn't help you quit opioids and reduce your opioid withdrawal and cravings by 90% or more, email within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund all of your money, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a guarantee?

What happens when I purchase?

Will Matt Finch help me inside?

Is this course for all types of opioid drugs?

Is this course easy to use?

What kind of lessons are there?

Can I stay anonymous?

What about Subs, methadone and Kratom?

Here Are the benefits you'll enjoy when you enroll in UOD-5!

  • BENEFIT# 1 - Get instant access to a 2-hour video webinar on over 50 opioid withdrawal remedies, which will teach you the exact remedies and dosages you need to get off opioids without getting sick.
  • BENEFIT #2 - Get instant access to over 12 effective and simple home detox plans that I created, which will provide you with step-by-step instructions that will allow you to truly have the easiest time humanly possible coming off opioids at home.
  • BENEFIT #3 - After going through just the first module, you're going to have unstoppable confidence, and a strong, resilient mindset that will erase your fears and make you motivated to get off opioids like never before, and that mindset is actually going to be your most valuable resource for quitting opioids like a true champion.
  • BENEFIT #4 - You're going to learn how to use a natural supplement you can purchase at any health food store, which one doctor said this supplement was the most helpful thing in the world for opioid addicts.
  • BENEFIT #5 - You're going to learn how to use an over-the-counter medicine that costs less than $10, which can eliminate nearly all of your mental and physical withdrawal symptoms, and all you have to do is follow the simple dosing guidelines and take this medicine with water to achieve a very significant reduction of both mental and physical withdrawal symptoms.
  • BENEFIT #6 - Afraid of feeling like crap for a long time after getting off opioids? With this program, you'll be able to get back to physical and mental health at least 10X faster than if you didn't use the tips in the program, and this benefit will allow you to enjoy life, eliminate cravings, and feel energized and happy without opioids in your system.
  • BENEFIT #7 - You'll never again have to worry about running out of opioids, and that relief will cause you to wake up and know the feeling of true freedom, which will allow you to be happy and fulfilled, and this positive energy and outlook will positively effect every area of your life, including your finances, career, relationships, health, and much, much more.

More Proof That UOD-5 gets Results...

RATING: 5 Stars

All I can say is thank you! And I am being studious about this program. My life experience has impressed upon me the need to practice, to be diligent everyday, and that's why I joined the course. Even if I didn't join, I joked to myself, I would send you 6 months of the money I would spend on my doctor and scripts, because I see the difference you are making in peoples' lives.


RATING: 5 Stars

I haven’t had to take ANYTHING in 2 days and I feel great!!!! This is ALL thanks to God AND Matt!!!! God lead me to Matt who provided the info I needed for these ingredients so I could FINALLY get some relief!!!

So I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Matt for caring. You are awesome Matt!!!


The Choice is yours...

Imagine getting off opiates at home and having a painless detox, where you aren't sick.

Imagine being able to get off opiates while you're still having to go to work, take care of kids, and handling other responsibilities. 

(This is totally possible with this program!)

Imagine a better life where you are no longer dependent upon opiates. 

Imagine waking up in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, and seeing a STRONG, CONFIDENT, HAPPY, and FULFILLED human being, that is naturally energized and passionate about life, and clean from the use of opiates.

You have the power to accomplish this.

Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. 

I was truly hopeless in life, and yet somehow, I turned it all around.

I was  a "C" student in high school, a three-time community college dropout, I had over 20 jobs by the time I was 33...

And at various times in my life I suffered from:

Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Codependency, Cystic Acne, Cold Sores, Sugar Addiction, Alcoholism, Valium Addiction, Marijuana Addiction, Prescription Opiate Addiction, Heroin Addiction, and Bipolar Disorder.

And yet somehow, despite all of these obstacles, I'm now over 8 years clean from opiate addiction, and I no longer have any of the issues I mentioned above.

So ya...if I can do it, ANYONE CAN.

And that means that YOU can...

And you'll have the very best chance by using the 4-Pillars Method I created in Ultimate Opiate Detox 5.0.

If you're stuck on hydrocodone, oxycodone, Suboxone, methadone, Subutex, tramadol, kratom, tianeptine, heroin, codeine, morphine, oxymorphone, opium, or any other opioid-type drug...

UOD-5 is guaranteed to help you get off opiates without getting sick, turn your life around, and move forward from this addiction in such a powerful way that you NEVER LOOK BACK.

More Student Success Stories

RATING: 5 Stars

"I’ve been to medical detox, outpatient detox, and have tried to get off oxycodone and hydrocodone at home many times as well. I always struggled no matter what method I used. 

Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0 enabled me to reduce my withdrawal symptoms by almost 90% and I did it all from home. I would have paid $2,000 for this program it's really that valuable."

- Lisa

RATING: 5 Stars

Methadone ruled my life for years and years. And every time I tried to get off I went through HELL. After watching the videos on Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0 I saw how to reduce my symptoms and went to the store after making a shopping list of natural remedies.

All I can say is WOW!!! I used the techniques in the program and was finally able to get off methadone. It was a piece of cake in fact."

- Jim

RATING: 5 Stars

After being an opiate addict for three years I finally got on Suboxone because I could not stop on my own. The withdraw symptoms and cravings always lasted too long and I need to go to work and take care of my little kids.

After numerous failed attempts getting off I tried the Ultimate Opiate Detox program as a desperate measure because I needed my life back. I was sick of being on medication and the side effects were starting to eat away at me. 

Less than 15 days after going through the online learning program, I was off Suboxone and sleeping fine, no depression or anxiety like usual, and the only symptoms I had was a little fatigue but that's it.

I'm trying to get my sister to through Ultimate Opiate Detox 4.0 as well because now that I'm free of medication and feeling so wonderful I want her to get off pills; because this program is the best thing in the world for opiate addiction. Thank you Matt you're a blessing!

- Rebecca

RATING: 5 Stars

"Pills pills pills. I could never get enough pills. I was counting pills numerous times a day. I was spending all my money on pills. About $200 a day to be precise. In 2 years I went through all my savings from an auto accident settlement I received.

And when I was hopeless as can be I miraculously found Matt and this program after doing a google search. For less than the money it would cost me to take pills for one day, I bought the Ultimate Detox 4.0 kit and let me tell you:

If you are stuck on opiates and need a solution, you will not find anything better in the world. I went through the awesome videos and learned things most doctors aren't even aware of.

As a result I came off pills at home with no symptoms whatsoever. I could hardly believe it. I was even gardening and felt totally fine.

- Mario



"The Ultimate Opioid Recovery System"

Suggested Retail Price - $1,997

Actual Price - $499

Limited Time Coronavirus

Flash Sale Price:


Only $97

30-Day Refund Guarantee


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