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I have to admit so far I have been very well, from 16 ml of subozone to 1ml now. I have not had ANY horrible withdrawals. I do what Matt suggests and it works. Thank you Matt!  I wonder when the bad withdrawals are gonna start???

Matt knows what he is talking about! Thanks to his "custom method" created just for me, I was able to withdraw off of a several year hydrocodone addiction, in which I was taking about 30 pills per day! Detoxed at home with hardly any side effects in 7-10 days! Thanks Matt! Laurie

Matt has been coaching me for the last month through a tapering schedule to overcome my addiction to hydrocodone. It has been super helpful, and I have actually accelerated my tapering process because of the benefits of coaching from the start. It’s worth the expense!

This stuff works folks. i am on day 9. Thank-you Matt for your research. I have gone through suboxone twice in the last 5 years. It is difficult to believe something as simple as this can get you through acute withdrawal. Day 2 and 3 i was weedwacking. Usually i don’t even want to put on my shoes.

"I haven’t had to take ANYTHING in 2 days and I feel great!!!! This is ALL thanks to God AND Matt!!!! God lead me to Matt who provided the info I needed for these ingredients so I could FINALLY get some relief!!! So I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Matt for caring. You are awesome Matt!!!"

I detoxed in April 2017. I almost relapsed, but thanks to Matt, I was able to find out what was causing my post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, and I am now correcting it. Thanks Matt, I’m going to Live. You are a Lifesaver!!! ♥️

All I can say is thank you!  And I am being studious about this program.  My life experience has impressed upon me the need to practice, to be diligent everyday, and that's why I joined the course. Even if I didn't join, I joked to myself, I would send you 6 months of the money I would spend on my doctor and scripts, because I see the difference you are making in peoples' lives.  

Lastly, the thing that impresses me most, when people/members share their experience, how they are doing it, what method they are using, etc., you don't judge, you don't say "hey, that's not the right way" or "you're doing this wrong".  You let people find their way however they choose.  No judgement.  You don't try to correct someone when they are not asking a question.

It is now July 17th and I have been off of hydrocodone since my birthday which was July 4th…
and have brought new meaning to the name Independence Day 🙂 and I want to thank Matt and all of his continued support to help me get through this as well as my amazing wife and family… I also want to express gratitude to my tennis clients who cheered me on to break free from a terrible addiction.

"Matt , I am so impressed by this information and your website. I am a retired Nurse and Acupuncturist and wish I had had this information years ago.Thank you so much. You are helping many many people.

Thank you so much for your in depth knowledge. Have perused your site thoroughly and garnered valuable info of which has been so very helpful. You are a true, caring, emphatically good person and a genuine asset to humanity!

Matt, again thank you. You've helped save my life…This plan has given my life and soul back. I feel amazing now.

THANK YOU! I am in recovery and now I’m helping a loved one start their journey. I’m SO thankful for this information. This epidemic is crushing our people. And it knows no social, no economic, no racial boundaries. It simply annihilates by acting as a ‘goof friend” helping to take the pain away.

What we need are more people like you, unafraid to talk about and even advocate for addicts in recovery or seeking recovery. Please keep up this amazing gift. Ironically it’s Christmas. A gift of relief and hope for us and the well being of our family! Thanks again and again!

Listen to this guy. He's one of the few people that are NOT a fraud or have some hidden agenda. Thanks from UK.

You are AMAZING!!!! Seriously. Your research and studies are incredible. Yes I have had a life long battle with addiction and I have been on suboxone for years. If you would find out just how many years it’s been it’s embarrassing!!!!! Opiates made me get tons of stuff done. Lots of energy. I don’t drink anymore bc just like you it makes me sleepy so there’s no point. Your work is amazing. We love you!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

God Bless you 4 putting all the information you've come across that works & what dosent... Your a gift from god & I do not say that lighly!!! Everyone wants to make a buck off of us, n 4gets about being a human being 1st...

Hey MaTT I wanted to let you know that I made it to day 14. I finally turned a corner for the better today! I feel almost normal now. Your story, along with others, were very inspirational for me. I wanted to thank you again for everything you do. Please keep up the fantastic work! It really means a lot to know someone out there is on your side.

Thanks for what you do to help people get off opiates and heal the mind body soul. I love learning about the mind and finding the best remedies.

Very informative video! Nice work! And props to u for getting this info out there because not enough addicts know about it so thank you.

Thanks Matt. Saw my local naturopath today. Showed him your list. He agreed with you totally. He was able to make me up a bulk lot in full strength top grade powder form. Thank you for your advice!"


Matt. Day 3 of taking the goods from the naturopath and its like a switch got turned on today! Holy crap im back in action!! Thank you soooo much. Have been to work last 2 days.

Matt. I’d hire you as my Recovery Coach, if I could. You are an Breath Of Fresh Air in the Recovery Community! Thank you for Everything that you do! ♥️

Thank you for this video. I usually don't like listening to people on YouTube who talk about addiction but the way you word everything is awesome and your tone is very soothing. Thank you brother.

Your video helped so much, I would like to thank you, every day I would play it for the last five days. Today’s my sixth day and I can see finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you... Your amazing for this. Plenty of info lots of people need and the fact you love what your doing is authentic and many people are being helped because of how sincere your delivering your information. Many people just need someone to deliver the knowledge exactly how you are, and they can do it. It’s scary, it sucks, and even thinking about it is enough to change your mind. Your keeping the flock moving forward with confidence, truth, and sincerity. 

Your right there because you’ve walked the road right along side them. What you are doing has given me so much confidence and momentum in a mere 21mins 38sec I’m grateful I found you this evening. I pray you can broaden your platform for the many many that could use you. 🙏🏼 thank you, I will be visiting many of your links. You sir are heaven sent.

Thank you so much for giving your time and also being very knowledgable about the topic. I have battled opioid addiction for 16 years and am now 1 year clean... now im very interested in finding out the best ways to help people quit. This video was spot on with accurate information that can lead you too a successful sober life. Thanks again.

I just want to say is bless your heart u sir are an amazing person you have taken the time out of your life to help others.

Hello Matt,
First,Id like to thank you so much for all the.things you do and the.way you do them. We.need.many more specialists. like you and I hope to follow in your.footsteps in the.future for.the chance.to.help.just a fraction of the ppl you have.

I find your directions very inspiring. I am 79 years old and have take hydro 4 times a day for about 10 years for back and hip pain. It is messing up my colon, my mind and psychology and its a hassle going to the doctor every month. In addition it now longer gives me much relief. I tried it once before, but I was not prepared with all the knowledge you have provided, especially the natural remedies and dark chocolate!!

Hi Matt,
I am forever indebted to you. I just want to thank you for what you do.
You do nothing short of saving lives.
I will never forget 🙂

What great info! What a life saver immediately!!! Thank you Thank you! Great work!


Thank you so much for all your work you’ve put into helping others get off these terrible drugs! I truly appreciate your open-mindedness, compassion and dedication by genuinely helping addicts unlike most M.D.’s.

After reading this ENTIRE site — a page-turner as good as any great novel — I’m overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of information here. I’ve done lots of online research for 10 years into my own challenging health issues so I believe my perspective is good. Your own story lends credibility to the content — I’m sold that you are indeed a man with a mission, following a “Purpose-Driven Life”, to steal that phrase from Rick Warren.

Thank you Matt I hope I won’t need you again. I’m speechless at your kindness in trying to help others. Hats off and may you always be blessed.

Hello Matt, I cannot begin to express how greatful I am to have found your website! For almost 3 years now, I have been searching for a resource just like this one!"  I truly cannot thank you enough for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge of this subject with those of us who so desperately need a source of hope. Your article alone has been life changing for me and I have no doubt that it will do the same for many others! 

Thank you soon much! I will continue to look to your website as a guide and refrence point for my future with methadone. It feels great to know that I may actually get off this stuff. It feels great to know that I may look in the mirror one day in the future and see myself again. It feels great to know that I am not alone in this. I can honestly look forward to my future again and for that I cannot truly thank you enough.

Hi Matt,

I want to thank you for your wealth of information and your dedication to helping those of us who struggle with addiction!

Matt, I want to sincerely thank you for your help. You are doing a great thing by helping everyone. This regimen does work! Turning to benzos would have made things worse for me in the long run because I know I would have become addicted to them too. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Anybody else contemplating trying this regimen, please do at least try it out, it worked for me and I am so, so, so greatful!!! Bless you Matt, I hope I can help as many people as you have some day.

Matt I first want to say that what you are doing is amazing! I know this plan gives me hope and it has to give many others hope as well.

Powerful and succinct and filled with heartfelt encouragement! Thanks Matt!!!

First off, thank you Matt for the work you do for us . This site got me started on my kratom journey and I love you for it. I have tried quitting suboxone for the last five years with no success. I’ve been on the all kratom plan since July 7th 2015 from 8mg of subs. No taper (useless in my opinion), and I’m doing well.

I received an email today, telling me about your addiction story, so thought I would check out your site. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. Thank you so much for the work that you do. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but you have made my outlook on the future so much brighter. Thanks again!

Wow, Matt, I really can’t thank you enough! I have been seeing so many doctors these last couple of months with no answers. Thank you SO much!

You have no idea how much this information has helped my husband and I’m sure thousands of other people. I just wanted to say thank you for caring enough and taking the time to help!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was up all night last night day 3 withdrawal from norcos. I feel AMAZING!!!

Thank you so very much for helping so many of us. I am incredibly excited to begin a life free of drugs. I want my life back (and not spendind $170 bi-weekly will also be a huge plus) and I feel that this just may be the answer to help me more easily achieve this.

Mr. Finch, you have an amazing thing going here. I woke up at 2:00am in full panic mode about the stupid suboxone. Reading about your experience and the people who have posted their stories made me feel hope again.

Hey Matt!! I’ve Comecon some of your other blogs and I just want to say you’re AWESOME! I love your approach to beating addiction and wish there were more counselor sour there like you.

Anyway, Matt thank you for what you do and all of the well written and informative information and feedback.

I need to start by sincerely thanking you. It wasn’t until I came across your site, that I even thought that I could get off methadone! Thank you again. I hope you know how many people and families you touch in such a mighty way! God Bless you!

Matt, I wish every single person who is on pain pills or any addicitve drugs watches your channel. You gave out very clear and concise programs to follow in opioid addictions and how to manage withdrawals. Thank you so much for your detailed work.

I've been telling everyone at my methadone clinic about you. I'm kind of afraid I'll get in trouble. So I keep it on the DL. However when it gets brought up that people want to wean off. I am sure to tell them about your channel. Thank you for the encouragement and info.

Matt ! I'm here to tell you that its helped tremendously with tapering off of suboxone and I have done exactly what you said by doubling the dose. Completely helps with the anxiety and depression that comes with. Once again you are the man!!

You're the man Matt. You are helping a lot of people. :)

This is the first video that's REALLY given me almost 100% hope that I can come off my pills (I say almost 100% because after nearly 17yrs of being addicted to dihydracodeine at stupidly high amounts I'd lost all confidence of ever stopping). I've watched a few good videos from various sources but all of them tend to say that you're going to go through hell withdrawing but it'll make you a better, stronger person but after over 10 cold turkey experiences the thought of another one makes me Ill just thinking about it and I can't be that strong! 

After all this time I don't even know what I'll be like without them but watching this has made me want to do it...just to know I won't feel THAT bad and being told why in such a straightforward way. You have no idea how grateful I am. Thanks so much.

Once again, you've shared some great information which outlines some powerful holistic ways to recover from opiate addiction with ease. Love your work, Matt! 😊

Matt, I watched this last night, and I read your article on Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Wow!!!♥️ You are Very Well Studied in this. I realized where I have been going wrong. It’s my Sleep! I slept through the night from 8pm-4am, and I’m feeling better already. The problem is going to be keeping this sleeping schedule, but I’m going to change my schedule and put more importance on my sleep. I even dreamed last night. You are Absolutely Right about the timing of Sleep 10pm-6am. I can’t thank You enough! Thumbs Up! ♥️

Great info! Matt, your wealth of information/knowledge and ultimate help is a wonderfully formidable aid for so many people...cannot thank you enough! Your empathy is beautiful. 😁

You understand social anxiety. Great full for your existence. I'm a recovered heroin addict. Thank you for you research I've been following you a year or two now and will continue to seek you knowledge its applicable still.

just saw this video and your channel for the first time. So great! And so grateful that you are doing this! Keep it up and I wish you all the success because of how you are paying it forward! I subscribed and look forward to more!

I want to thank you soon much for your relentless research. You have no idea how much you have helped me with your dedication to helping others. The sad thing about all of this is you can't convince the medical field to learn more about the drugs they are prescribing, most of the physicians, insurance companies , so on and so forth are ignorant on how to make a difference without using more poison. God bless you for helping change people's lives!

Thank you for this video. It saved my life completely. I’m still not ready to come off of it but eventually I will. Once again, thank you.

thank you for your conviction and life commitment...so helpful!!

i love ur videos&talks ! its a great thing you're doing ! ive watched hundreds of other videos from other ppl and have learned a lot but yours are so much more informative and scientific if you will lol.keep them coming i watch every single one...ive even podted on my failbook page a video u did asking ppl to like and subscribe! everyone who watched it loved it i hope they subscribed !

Thank you for all the content Matt, you are helping and saving many addicts struggling everywhere.

this Webinar has been the most educational documentary on getting off of opiates that I have read. very impressed with authors knowledge. thank you so much. I will give some of your suggestions a try.

You are Absolutely Awesome for all the effort you put into creating this caring and helpful video!!! Thank You so much <3

Hi Matt! Thanx for the video. Also, I have been following you for about a year. I want to say thank you for introducing me to Kratom. It helped get my ex husband off of some strong prescription opiates. So much of the information you post is so accurate, and helpful. You explain everything in a way that's very easy to understand, but not condescending. Thank you for all your help. He is now Sober.*Best of all he did it at home.

Hi matt...its nice to no im not ALONE..i always think im the only one...i love ur videos..sooo helpful..thank u matt.

Thank You Matt this video is so very helpful . I Am 18 days Hydrocodone Free Cold Turkey And I will be checking out your other videos as I’m still experiencing some PAWS. Thank you again.

You Sir are truly one of the Best Most Informative Person I have Listened To. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF US. who suffer from this.

I would like to say thank you thank you thank you Matt for all your incredible guidance and help. You are truly heaven sent!

Thank you all for the amazing posts you truly have inspired me.
Btw Matt what you are doing here is amazing you truly are an amazing honorable man, and if their is a pearly white gate above us, I know you are number one in line. What you are doing here is so extraordinary it can’t be put in words, the kindness, the love and true care you have is unimaginable.

I would like to start by saying thank you matt finch! Finding your info has made what seemed impossible more than possible! i know what i want and i know how to get it! SUBOXONE FREE!

I just have to say; coming across your site is a God send for me. It was actually my wonderful daughter who found you and sent me the link. I’m going to start tapering off Suboxone next week under my Doctors care however, the medical system doesn’t give one much information on natural, safe ways to do so. Their answers are more drugs. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a life line. A plan and information are very empowering and you have obviously dedicated much of your time to this . I think you’re an angel on this earth. Bless you.

Hi Matt ! Thank you so much for all of the information you provide for your readers. You can really tell that you are invested in helping people kick various habits and live a more healthful existence.