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"12 Weeks of Recovery Coaching is a Proven Method To Follow Through on Your Goals, Reclaim Your Freedom, & Optimize Your Mood, Energy, & Life"

- Matt Finch, Founder of

Opiate Addiction Support

Dear Friend,

I help men and women that are dependent on opioids come up with Custom, Strategic Detox & Recovering Plans that are tailor-suited to the individual.

My entire life for almost a decade has been dedicated to Mastery of the "Science of Opioid Detox" and the "Art of Opioid Recovery." 

I've spent thousands of hours learning and teaching these topics, and 

I've helped thousands of people have easier detoxes with online communication, and over 500 coaching clients by phone.

Traditional treatment programs teach "Powerlessness," but I help people become "Empowered."

And in addition to Bio-Hacking I also help you foster an "Empowering & Indestructible Mindset."

Regular treatment approaches teach you that you have a lifelong incurable disease and you need to go to meetings for the rest of your life to try and keep your disease dormant, but I teach you to completely recover and 100% Transcend Addiction...

While also providing you with methods on how detox and recover from opioid dependence in the most comfortable way possible...

And how to restore and optimize Biochemical Wellness and Bio-hack your way to Neuro-Vitality and feeling Superhuman without opioids or other crutches. 

So now let's discuss the Top 4 Benefits you'll get with this Coaching System:

  • 1
    CUSTOM DETOX PLAN: I have around an 80% success rate helping my clients get off opioids using the proven detox protocols in my playbook.
  • 2
    RECOVERY BIOHACKING PLAN: You and I together will create an Individualized Treatment Plan that is holistic and will lead to the complete 100% Recovery & Transcendence of Addiction.
  • 3
     BIOCHEMICAL OPTIMIZATION: I'll help you feel better than you've ever felt so you have tons of Natural Energy, Happiness, Motivation, Joy, Calmness, and Confidence... without opioids.
  • 4
     12 WEEKLY 50-MINUTE SESSIONS: Ongoing consulting, strategizing, troubleshooting, support, accountability, motivation, and total guidance with me holding your hand through this challenge.

What People Are Saying About Matt's Coaching

RATING: 5 Stars

I haven't had to take ANYTHING in 2 days and I feel great!!!! This is all thanks to God AND Matt!!!! God led me to Matt who provided the info I needed for those ingredients so I could FINALLY get some relief!! So I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Matt for caring. You are awesome Matt!!!!


Drug of Choice - Roxies

RATING: 5 Stars

I have to admit so far I have been very well, from 16 ml suboxone to 1ml. I have not had ANY horrible withdrawals.

I do what Matt suggests and it works. Thank you Matt! I

 wonder when the bad withdrawals are gonna start????


Drug of Choice - Heroin

RATING: 5 Stars

Matt knows what he's talking about! Thanks to his custom method created just for me, I was able to withdraw off of a several year hydrocodone addiction, in which I was taking about 30 pills per day!

I detoxed at home with hardly any side effects! Thanks Matt!


Drug of Choice: Hydrocodone 10's

RATING: 5 Stars

This stuff works folks! I am on day 9. Thank you Matt for your research. I have gone through Suboxone withdrawal twice in the last 5 years. It is difficult to believe something as this can get you through acute withdrawal. Day 2 and 3 I was weedwhacking. Usually I don't even want to put on my shoes.


Drug of Choice: Percocet 10's

matt Finch

Founder of Opiate Addiction Support


9 years ago, I finally overcame opioid addiction and made a conscious decision to make it my "Life's Purpose & Mission" to helping others do the same. So I became a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and began working at an outpatient Opiate Treatment Program.

But after seeing the traditional treatment approaches having such low recovery statistics, I quit to start my own company, Opiate Addiction Support, in an effort to solve the "Recovery Puzzle" and create an Opioid Detox & Recovery Blueprint that was highly-effective and duplicatable.

Elite Transformation 12-Week Coaching Package

Here's a Recap of What You're Getting...

  • 90-Minute Consultation to create a strategic plan for achieving your specific goals.
  • Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual Treatment Plan to feel good fast and Transcend Addiction.
  • 12 weekly 50-minute coaching sessions.
  • VIP Email & Text Message Support in between calls.
  • Free Access to Ultimate Opioid Detox 5.0 Course ($297 value)
  • Free PDF Download Coaching Workbook.

More Proof That Matt's Coaching Gets Results

RATING: 5 Stars

I was very skeptical about what Matt promises. I've always believed that you just have to man up and take the pain of the detox. But now I'm a true believer! I seriously cannot believe I'm not feeling the withdrawal. If you're skeptical like I was, take my word for it Matt knows what he's talking about. He deserves to get national media attention for all the people he's helping.


Drug of Choice - Oxy 30's

RATING: 5 Stars

It is now July and I have been off hydrocodone since July 4th... and have brought new meaning to name Independence Day :) and I want to thank Matt and all of his continued support to help me get through this as well as my amazing wife and family... I also want to express gratitude to my tennis clients who cheered me on to break free from a terrible addiction.


Drug of Choice - Hydrocodone 10's

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does coaching really work?

P.S. Recovering from opioid addiction was the most difficult challenge I've ever faced. I didn't know back then what I know now about things that can make it a whole lot easier.

But now I've learned so many strategies and tactics that can help you have an easier withdrawal and that make recovering from opioid addiction only a minor inconvenience, rather than a huge challenge.

Click the link below to learn more or apply for coaching.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

RATING: 5 Stars

My parents could tell something was wrong and they made me go to rehab. I came back and of couse relapsed and got on Suboxone because I heard this was the cure for all drugs. It definitely cured from the other drugs because it was such an addictive drug that got me just as high so I became addicted to Suboxone.

And it was ruining my life and that's when I researched and found Matt Finch. I contacted him and took his course and coaching and his coaching packages and this man literally saved my life!

Matt genuinely cares about his clients and is the most knowledgable in this area of anyone I've ever researched or talked to. If you do what he tells you to do you will beat any kind of addiction! I know you don't believe that statement but I can guarantee you it's the truth if you commit to his program.

I was using drugs very heavily and he helped me beat them. Matt and I are almost like brothers to this day! I still talk with him a few times a month and love him with all of my heart for my life and my marriage and my relationship with my kids.

I cannot recommend this man enough if you are struggling with any kind of addiction with drugs.

- Garrett Gray

Drug of Choice - Suboxone

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Disclaimer - As each person's situation and resources are unique, results can and will vary. Therefore results are not guaranteed, but with this program you have the chance to fulfill your goals and dreams.