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Founder of Opiate Addiction Support, Co-founder of Elevation Recovery, Opioid Recovery Coach, Author, Speaker

Hey! Welcome to OpiateAddictionSupport.com! I'm Matt Finch, and over 7 years ago, I finally overcame opioid addiction and made a conscious decision to make it my "Life's Purpose & Mission" to helping others do the same.

To start living this "Purpose-Driven Life," I became a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor at an Outpatient Opiate Treatment Program.

But after seeing the traditional treatment approaches having such low recovery statistics, I quit to start my own company, Opiate Addiction Support, in an effort to solve the "Recovery Puzzle" and create an Opioid Detox & Recovery Blueprint that was highly-effective and duplicatable.

My Story... (The Short Version)

This is the "5-Minute Version" of my Story. If you want to read the 30-minute complete version,

click here.

The Short Version: My name is Matt Finch, and over 7 years ago I was a single dad and opiate addict that used opiates every day, only I wasn't even getting high anymore.

Instead, my tolerance and dependence had become so severe that even though I was using a lot of opiates every single day...

It was only enough to prevent me from going through withdrawal.

My Overdose "Wakeup Call"

After keeping up this "Life of Hell" for several years, one day I overdosed. My mom found me lying on my back -- unconscious -- with a gray face and blue lips -- vomit coming out of my mouth - and looking like death.

She called an ambulance right away... the EMTs reached the scene fast... and had an EMT not given me a naloxone shot when he did... within 1-2 minutes I would've been dead.

Which would've left my one-year-old daughter, Willow Finch, without a father for her entire life.

My Transformation

After my near-death experience and the realization that I almost left Willow without a father, I had a new BURNING DESIRE inside of my to recover from opiate addiction and get extremely healthy in Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

I quit opiates, and within six weeks I was feeling amazing.

Next, I decided to make it my "Life's Purpose & Mission" to help others recover from opioid addiction.

To start living this "Purpose-Driven" Life, I attended school and received training to start a new career as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.

My Life as a Chemical Dependency Counselor

In October 2010, I graduated from the Mueller College Alcohol & Drug Counseling (ADC) Program, which specialized in the "Holistic" treatment approach to addiction recovery.

In June 2011, I became a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counseling Associate (CADCA) with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs & Professionals (CCAPP). 

Within a year of becoming a counselor, I was saddened by the things I saw working in the field of "traditional rehab."

After witnessing firsthand the low success rates (only 5%) of traditional drug treatment programs, I knew there had to be a better way to help people recover from opioid addiction.

My Mission to Find a Better Way...

To search for a better way to help people end their opioid addiction, I embarked on a "Mission of Exploration" to see if I could come up with an Opioid Recovery Blueprint that was holistic, simple, effective, and that had a high success rate.

In May 2014, I founded my new company, Opiate Addiction Support. Around the same time, I became a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach with Robbins-Madanes Training (developed by the famous Tony Robbins and world-renowned therapist Chloe Madanes), and a Certified Qigong & Food-Healing Instructor.

After 14 months of researching, blogging, and coaching, I developed my own system of opioid recovery which I named the "4-Pillars Method"-- which treats opioid addiction as a bio/psycho/social/spiritual disorder.

My Meaningful Life as an Opioid Recovery Coach

Present day: I'm a Professional Member of the Alliance For Addictions Solutions (AAS), which seeks to bring national awareness to the concept of "healing the addicted brain with nutrition, supplements, and other integrative therapies."

After 9+ years of studying what I call "The Science of Opioid Detox" and "The Art of Opioid Recovery," I've come up with an Opioid Recovery Blueprint that has really changed the world. 

My website has seen millions of visitors, and after corresponding with coaching clients and with literally thousands of these website visitors, I'm delighted to see so many people quitting opioids with more ease and achieving long-term health and fulfillment at elevated rates using the information I've published.

Opioid Recovery

Resources I've Developed

Over the past 9+ years, I've created a lot of helpful resources that can teach you how to have a more comfortable detox, how to heal your addicted brain, and how to fully recover from opioid dependence.

The best resource I've developed thus far is my online course, Ultimate Opioid Detox 5.0. If you're not already enrolled, I encourage you to get started now. This course features 6 Modules & 30 Activities consisting of Videos, Webinars, Audios, and PDF Worksheets...

Which were all designed by me to help you get off opioids more comfortably and leave your addiction in the past.

My Opioid Recovery 

Coaching System

Opioid Recovery Coaching is the most fulfilling and rewarding work I do, and I absolutely love helping my clients come up with customized plans that are designed to get them off opioids more comfortably.

Want me to coach and consult you? I'm currently accepting a small number of new clients. Here's what I can help with:

  • Assess your unique situation and help you come up with a strategic plan to get off opioids more comfortably.
  • Help you create a bio/psycho/social/spiritual plan to heal from post-acute withdrawal and heal your brain and body.
  • Provide you with my proprietary playbook of "Opioid Detox & Recovery Technologies."
  • And much more!

To learn more about coaching and see if you're a good fit for my coaching program, simply click the link below.

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