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Hello Fellow

Freedom Seeker,


Let’s Meet.

My name is Richie and I am in the middle with Dr. Sung, the driving force in Vietnam for Heantos research. His colleagues are on either side of us. I founded this company to help people throughout the world break free from chemical addictions.

I have a dream of helping to heal addiction for the entire planet.

Over the last 2 decades, I developed an amazing team of addiction experts with the same passion and vision. With Heantos, we found a treatment that can actually reach people with addictions EVERYWHERE. Heantos works AND it is safe, gentle, and affordable enough to reach ANYONE struggling with addiction.

But let’s rewind a bit, here’s my story…

My Passion...

For 20+ years, I’ve helped people across the globe live full lives by breaking free from addiction. I am on a constant “watch” for modalities to help people with addictions.

I traveled to Cameroon over 21 years ago following a dream to meet the pygmies in the forest and see if they would choose me to bring ibogaine to the world. Naively, I thought it would be helpful to pick up 40,000 doses of ibogaine and go to Needle Park in New York where thousands receive free needles. I thought: wouldn’t it be amazing to hand out doses of ibogaine to thousands of people addicted to drugs and find only one quarter of them would show up for their free needles a week later. That was my initial vision, and over 20 years later ibogaine is available in 30 countries with over 150 practicing ibogaine providers in the world! Perhaps 10 to 20 thousand people during the past two decades have received the benefit of ibogaine.

This is amazing – but my quest has always been – how can we reach even more people who are addicted?

And then something new piqued my interest…  

About 9 years ago, an associate did Heantos and described the story to me.  He wanted to do Heantos because he was addicted to heroin so he had to fly to Vietnam.  He thought he could make it there without getting sick by getting on methadone, because methadone has a longer half life then heroine.  He showed up 26 hours later and he was so sick he had diarrhea and was vomiting in the vehicle on the way to the center.  They gave him 6 or 7 capsules of Heantos, he slept for 8 hours, woke up feeling fine, and went out to dinner with the guys that were treating him.  He was blown away about the fact that he was in the throes of withdrawal, and yes they gave him some Benzos along with the Heantos, but he woke up and went out to eat.  He was blown away, he considered it a miracle. Now he’s doing really well and he’s willing to talk to anyone about Heantos.  So that’s how I was introduced to Heantos.

Back then, 9-10 years ago, I was still very preoccupied with Ibogaine.  The years went by, and recently another person mentioned to me that Heantos has a Facebook page.  So I join and watched to see what it was like.  About 90% was in Vietnamese so I didn’t really know what was going on, so I wrote a note to them, introducing myself as a 21 year Ibogaine provider interested in knowing more about Heantos.  Everyday thereafter I received correspondence. Initially I was corresponding with a young man who’s father in law is Dr. Sung, a professor in Vietnam who spent nearly 20 years refining the ingredients and protocol for Heantos. Dr. Sung works for the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and he is the driving force in Vietnam for Heantos research and bringing Heantos to market. With Dr. Dan, the original creator of Heantos, Dr. Sung researched the most active ingredients from several village herbal practitioners and also used the most sophisticated extraction technology to create Heantos 4, which was completed 2012.

I began to correspond with Dr. Sung and he invited me to spend a few weeks in Vietnam.

so I went to visit Dr. Sung...

Dr. Sung picked me up at the airport. He is a really lovely guy, very animated, very open, very friendly.  He was very impressed that I came and was dedicated to spending a few weeks.  He wanted my visit to be as useful, meaningful, and educational as possible.  I settled in and we began to have meetings, everyday.  Then he drove me down to one of the four public detox centers where he was distributing Heantos to the people who could afford it.  The people I met were in different stages of Heantos and some of them were in different stages of the conventional detox.  It was interesting, the people doing the conventional detox and the people doing Heantos were all mixed together. The conventional detoxers were always asking the providers administering Heantos, “could you pay for it for me?” simply because the people doing Heantos were sleeping all around them, whereas they were up for nights at a time.

I interviewed people an hour before they took Heantos and then the night after, and they were okay! I showed up another 24 hours later and they were sleeping. I interviewed people on the 3rd day and they were completely normal. I interviewed them on the 5th day and they were completely normal!

My message to Dr. Sung was very simple, I want to see Heantos in many countries, 25 or 30, during the next couple years. Twenty years ago, no one outside of Africa except a couple underground therapists in the Bay area and Amsterdam, were conducting Ibogaine sessions.  Now Ibogaine is in dozens of countries with approximately 150 providers. Heantos is not as controversial.  It is not illegal anywhere.  It is benign, gentle, and can be shared at a grassroots level by family and friends with minimum guidance and care.  I want Mother Nature’s solution to addiction to spread across the globe. I want to share Heantos with every person I know across the globe who is touched by addiction. I want these people to share it with everyone they know and let it spread.

We are forming a network of people throughout the world who will distribute Heantos in different continents.  I see a network of consultants via Skype who will answer questions and help clarify protocols. I know people in many countries who are touched by addiction and a lot of Ibogaine providers who will be interested in incorporating Heantos into their practice.

My excitement, passion and enthusiasm for Heantos is on par with my feelings towards ibogaine. Heantos can help hundreds of thousands safely and effectively withdrawal from opiates. There is still a role for ibogaine, but I see Heantos as a new exciting option for people looking to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and reduce cravings on their path to FREEDOM.

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