"How To Comfortably Get Off Buprenorphine, While Reducing the Severity of Your Buprenorphine Withdrawal Symptoms by at Least 90% or more... Guaranteed."

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    "A-Z Guidance on Quitting Buprenorphine Formulations such as Suboxone and Subutex."
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    "The most up-to-date Research on minimizing Symptoms from Transitioning off Buprenorphine."
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    "Integrative Therapies for Overcoming Buprenorphine Dependence and Rewiring Your Brain Away From Opioids & Towards Natural Happiness, Energy, Confidence, and Motivation... Forever!"

Hi, I'm Matt Finch, and I'm an Opiate Recovery Coach that has helped thousands of people come off  buprenorphine using my proprietary "Buprenorphine Bio-Hacking Technologies"

Do You Feel
Trapped By Buprenorphine?

And are You Afraid of Experiencing Dreadful, Painful,
and Horrific Withdrawal Symptoms?

If you answered "yes" to this question, read on to learn how you can comfortably transition off buprenorphine without withdrawal symptoms.

I'm about to tell you about a SUPER POWERFUL buprenorphine recovery method that can help you get off drugs like Suboxone and Subutex WITHOUT GETTING SICK. But first, you need to have a little background on my experience with opioids, and how I came up with this simple system.

So here's the start of the story: Getting off buprenorphine formulations such as Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, and others is typically the hardest challenge an individual will face in their lives.

Buprenorphine is often touted by doctors as a "Miracle Medicine" for persons with opioid use disorder (OUD). And while it certainly is helpful (very helpful), the drug is unfortunately a "Dual-Edged Sword." There is a "Dark Side to Suboxone" and other bupe products. And that dark side is?... how frickin hard this drug is to come off of.

Yes... if you're wondering whether I've been on it, I sure have! At first, when one of my pill-connects gave me an 8 mg tablet of Suboxone ( this was way back in the day ) they said it would prevent withdrawal and cravings. Well, it did that and more. Suboxone made me feel absolutely amazing, and I was instantly in love.

But here's what happened next: Like a lot of relationships, my "honeymoon period" soon ended.

I was tired of the side effects ( Red Flushed Face, Dry Skin, Acne on my Back, No Libido ), and I also hated having to take a powerful drug daily or else I'd get sick, and I wouldn't have any energy to even get out of bed, let alone work and take care of my newborn baby ( as a single dad! ).

Yet Getting Off Suboxone Was Difficult... And a Lot Harder Than I Thought it Would Be

Every time I tried to get off Suboxone, I would fail. I could easily go 3 days without buprenorphine in my system. And I did this many times. But every time I got to "Day 4" I felt so exhausted and depressed that I was absolutely worthless.

I couldn't do anything. I still had to work 6 days a week. And I was a cook at a busy restaurant in New York, so I needed ENERGY. I also had a newborn daughter, and that was even harder than working.

So as badly as I wanted off Suboxone, I just couldn't stop. I needed it. I really did. At that point in my life, I had no idea of what things other than tapering I could do to make transitioning off the drug less difficult. 

However... Eventually I Finally Got Off Suboxone

I was researching online and found a cool trick someone wrote about in a drug forum. It seemed like it could work, so I created my plan, came up with the resources and ingredients I needed, set a good date, then I did it. And it worked! It was still really hard, and I was tired, sore, and depressed for a couple of months, but with sheer willpower alone I "Fought Through the Discomfort and Finally Got off Suboxone."

But Then I Relapsed with Oxycodone, and I Was Right Back in My Addiction From Day 1

Around 5 months of being buprenorphine-free, I was feeling okay. Not great, but decent. The worst had been over for a couple of months. And I was doing okay. But then one night at band practice one of my old dealers texted me that he had a bunch of 5 mg oxycodone pills for sale. Mmmmm... oxycodone. Those were my favorite.

I convinced myself that since I had been off all opioids for 5 months, now I would be able to get back to using pills "recreationally" here and there. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

I also thought since it had been so long I wouldn't have much of a tolerance any more. Yup... wrong again. I did all 8 pills I bought that very night, and I was using daily again right from the start.

I could hardly believe how fast I became addicted yet again - and so I got back on Suboxone, and started to plan out my escape that I would attempt at a later date.

But instead of implementing a new plan my addiction spiraled out of control. I switched from Suboxone to snorting 100-200 mg of OxyContin a day. And within just a few short months of that, I graduated to smoking a gram of heroin a day. It was cheaper, more powerful, and super easy to get.

But I Couldn't Function in Life as a Heroin Addict

Being a "Functional Addict" on pills was doable for me. Hard, but I could hang. And Suboxone made me better at every aspect of life. But heroin addiction was a whole new animal. Herion ate my soul and spit it out, dragged me into hell, then left me there to fend for myself.

It was a living nightmare, and I finally reached my "Ultimate Bottom" just 6 months after switching to heroin. I overdosed, and the only reason I'm alive today is due to getting a naloxone shot.

I had taken large quantities of methadone and Valium together to not only get off heroin, but also to get high. But fortunately, that near-death experience was my "wakeup call." And I made that rock bottom the foundation upon which I began to rebuild my pathetic life. 

There were 3 important "Keys to Recovery" that helped me get off opioids... for good this time.

Biochemical Restoration & Rebalancing using Nutrition, Supplementation, and Exercise.

A new path of Self-Development, Growth, and Strengthening my Mindset and Emotional Health.

A Strong Support System consisting of my Parents, other Family, and a few Close Friends.

These 3 Keys Were Paramount to My Transformation

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    Taking the right supplements for opioid detox and recovery helped tremendously.
    I leaned that after you come off heroin, pills, Suboxone, or other opioids your brain is seriously deficient in endorphins ( natural painkillers ), dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. Very important neurotransmitters for mood and behavior. So I took specific supplements that were targeted at increasing my brain's natural production of these neurotransmitters, and as a result I felt amazing within 6 weeks of quitting opioids.
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    I lived with my parents and cut off all ties to drug addicts and dealers.
    I finally had a safe and healthy environment to live in and grow in. Before, I lived on my own and was friends with a lot of drug dealers and drug abusers. But now I was in my parent's nurturing home, and I deleted all of the bad influence phone numbers from my phone. I was living in a new environment that was highly conducive to getting my life together.
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    Personal development books helped me foster a Growth Mindset.
    Up until the age of 32, I had a "Fixed Mindset." I thought that my levels of intelligence and skills were set and that I couldn't do anything to change that. But after I started reading self-development books, my life became better than I ever believed it could. I was on a New Path of Personal Transformation, and I was growing at light speed.

Then I Made it My Life's Purpose & Mission To Help Others Get Off Opioids

After I recovered, I wanted to help others overcome addiction, as I really felt like I could make a big impact. But I never in my wildest dreams knew just how many people I would end up helping.

I started my "Journey of Purpose" working as a Chemical Dependency Counselor at an Opiate Treatment Program (OTP). But I quit after a few years because I knew I could help more people on my own.

The caseloads were way too big ( and way over the legal limit ), the company was corrupt, and the pay was too low ( $15/hr ) for the immense amount of stress the job came with. So I left and started a Blog called Opiate Addiction Support, and within a year things had really taken off. I was making a decent living coaching people, and since I was earning money doing what I loved, it didn't feel like work at all.

The Birth of a Worldwide Phenomenon

After just 2 years of blogging about opioid detox and recovery, my website had seen over a million visitors. People from all over the world were emailing me to thank me for helping them overcome opioid addiction with my free articles. Now it has been over 4 years since I first put up my website, and things have only gotten more exciting.

My articles and videos have been viewed by over 4 million people, and I've received over 20,000 emails and comments from raving fans of my work.


I've spent the past 7+ years of my life researching and teaching the "Science of Opioid Detox" and the "Art of Opioid Recovery." My online courses have over 5,000 students enrolled, and I've personally coached over 300 clients.

The "Art & Science" of Tapering Off Buprenorphine

I've recently developed and refined a system of proprietary solutions for coming off buprenorphine. I call it "Buprenorphine Detox Bio-Hacking Technologies."

And I guarantee you there are no better methods of getting off Suboxone, Subutex, and other buprenorphine formulations than the methods I've created.

I've had tremendous success at helping countless individuals come off buprenorphine drugs, and it's all due to the use of certain "Bio-Hacking Withdrawal Remedies," which could include a combination of 2-3 or more of the following: Dietary Supplements, Nootropics, Over-The-Counter Medicines, Prescription Medications, Natural Legal Drugs, Natural Remedies, Home Remedies, Exercise, Nutrition, and dozens more.

And If You Want  to Learn These Advanced Tapering, Bio-Hacking, and BUPRENORPHINE Detox & Recovery Technologies, I Have an Easy Way to Teach You... 


I've spent over thousands of hours researching evidence-based and science-based therapies for getting off buprenorphine. And what I've found is that it's entirely possible to come off long-term buprenorphine treatment with the only symptom being "not having as much energy."

There are literally hundreds of things that can help you have a much easier time getting off Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, etc. And there are a few dozen that help especially well. Would you like to know these proprietary methods?

Because I've created an Online Video Course called The Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan, which has everything you need to know to get off buprenorphine like a BOSS.

Here are the Top 3 Benefits you'll receive when you purchase The Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan:

  • 1
    Advanced tapering tactics: if you use these strategic tapering practices, you'll be able to reduce almost all of your withdrawal symptoms from getting off buprenorphine drugs.
  • 2
    Buprenorphine withdrawal remedies: When you use these remedies, you have the ability to reduce up to 90% or more of the mental and physical buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms.
  • 3
    Invincible mindset training: By learning these mindset hacks, you'll build an indestructible mind, which is the number one factor determining whether or not you'll get off and stay off buprenorphine & other opioids.

What People Are Saying About the Course

“After going through the videos, I am FINALLY off Suboxone!”

“I've been on Matt's email list for years and have bought his 4.0 course (which is amazing!) and then this freedom plan new one. This course is truly extraordinary!

After going through the videos, I am FINALLY off Suboxone!! The withdrawal was not bad and after a week of low energy and poor sleep, I started feeling great. Simply awesome!

- 5 years on Suboxone

“I'm still in a little bit of disbelief this was so easy."

“I tried to get off Suboxone several times over the last 8 years. Each time it was way to hard. I got so tired and depressed without it that I thought about ending my life.

Then I decided to take a chance and I enrolled since it had a money back guarantee for it. I did Matt's counterintuitive method and took a week off my job and I barely even felt a thing coming off long-term maintenance. Now I'm truly, truly happy."

- 8 years on Suboxone

“After a week off  Subutex I started to feel so much better!!!"

“Subutex helped me for 6 months but then it stopped working as well and I started to get a lot of horrible side effects from it.

My doctor told me I should stay on it forever but I said no way! It made me totally numb and felt weird on it. But thanks to Matt's plan, I got the heck off Subutex!!! Thank you SO MUCH MATTHEW!!! I tell everyone I know on opiates about you!!

- 2 years on Subutex

The Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan

This Premium Online Course is packed full of detailed Video Lessons and PDF Downloads and Worksheets. I go deep into the Lessons, and they were all specifically created to show you how to get off Suboxone, Subutex, and other buprenorphine formulations without withdrawal symptoms... Guaranteed.

Price: $297

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


More Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“Here I am 2 months off Suboxone and feeling sensational."

“I started taking Suboxone recreationally and it was the first opioid I tried. I got so much energy and felt amazing on it. But then I got addicted and went to a doctor to prescribe it. I hated needing to take it. It made me feel like a failure at life.

I did all of this course the freedom plan, took lots and lots of notes, made a plan, started that plan, stuck with it, and here I am 2 months of Suboxone and feeling sensational. I'm so thankful for Matt and all the work he does to help us addicts."

- 4 years on Suboxone

“I actually got off easily and in 1 month time..."

“I thank God every day that I found Matt's website and Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the answer to my prayers. I won't go into detail but I really cannot recommend this enough as the most informative and helpful resource this is for people like me who are longterm sub users.

For many years I just thought I had to be on Suboxone forever cuz it's so impossible to get off. But funny thing is, I actually got off easily and in 1 month time and it's all because of The Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan. Thanks so much Matt, you saved me."

- 12 years on Suboxone
Matt Finch

Creator of The Ultimate

Buprenorphine Freedom Plan

About the Author

Over 7 years ago, I finally overcame opioid addiction and made a conscious decision to make it my "Life's Purpose & Mission" to helping others do the same. So I became a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and began working at an outpatient Opiate Treatment Program.

But after seeing the traditional treatment approaches having such low recovery statistics, I quit to start my own company, Opiate Addiction Support, in an effort to solve the "Recovery Puzzle" and create an Opioid Detox & Recovery Blueprint that was highly effective and duplicatable.

Okay Matt, Can This Really Help Me? I Want To Believe This But I Have Some Concerns

A​t this point, you may be thinking that this "sounds too good to be true." And you're smart for thinking that. I'm one of the most skeptical people I know. Especially when it comes to people making big promises about their products and services online. I get it, and I respect these concerns 100%.

Paying your hard-earned money on things you've never purchased before can be risky, and it's good to know all the details before you commit to something. Especially when choosing an opioid treatment service. So I'm going to address some of the most common concerns, just in case you're skeptical like me.

Will I Really Not Feel Withdrawal Symptoms?

Every person has a totally unique "Biochemcial Makeup." And every person has a unique bupe dependence severity. So withdrawal remedies have different effects for different people. Other factors also come into play. Things like your age, your mental and physical health, your constitution, stressors in your life, and much more.

But the Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan was created in a way that helps you determine which of the superabundance of methods will help you the most. Most students have told me they were a bit tired the first 2-3 weeks after using the methods in the course, but that's the one symptom that seems to be impossible to avoid. But if you feel pretty good but you're just a little tired for awhile, isn't that nothing short of a miracle?

If I Sign Up, What Exactly Happens?

As soon as you purchase the Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan, you'll be taken directly to the Thank You Page that has your login information. From there, all you do is create a username and password, and then you'll have Instant & Lifetime Access to all of the on-demand Video Lessons and PDF Worksheets. 

You can go through the course at your own pace, as fast or as slow as you like. You'll also have direct access to me to answer your questions, and you'll have email support as well. It's well worth $297 or more, and for the limited time sale price of $97 it's a steal for the amount and quality of information you're getting.

Here's a Comparison of the Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan vs the Traditional Plan

Most ( but not all ) doctors that prescribe buprenorphine formulations think individuals with opioid use disorder should stay on bupe forever. And if you ask them to help you get off the medicine, they'll try to convince you not to, or at the most they'll tell you "just taper slow" as the only tip they give you. This is not enough help to get off bupe without feeling horrible. The following comparison chart will show you how the Freedom Plan is different.

Freedom Plan

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    Gets you off buprenorphine without withdrawal and agony.
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    Uses the latest research on Bio-Hacking and Psychology.
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    Costs only $297.
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    Has a 90% success rate.
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    Involves the use of advanced tapering tactics and bupe withdrawal remedies.

Traditional Plan

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    Usually still have bad symptoms, and post-acute withdrawal for months.
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    Tells you about "tapering" but literally that's the only help they might give.
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    Costs hundreds of dollars every month.
  • angle-right
    Has a 95% on average failure rate.
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    Involves the use of the common tapering protocol and nothing else.

Here's What You Get When You Purchase the
Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan

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    Lifetime Access to the Program.
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    In-depth Video Lessons
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    PDF Downloads & Worksheets
  • angle-right
    Private, Confidential Forum
  • angle-right
    Direct Access to Matt Finch
  • angle-right
    VIP Email Support

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If after your purchase you're not blown away by the program, just let us know anytime within 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I buy the program?

Is there a money back guarantee?

How exactly does it work?

Will you be able to answer my questions?

Can I email you questions?

Will this really work for me?

P.S.: Recovering from opioid dependence was the most difficult challenge I've ever faced. I didn't know then what I know now about things that can make it a whole lot easier.

But now I've learned and created so many strategies and tactics that can help you have an easier time getting off buprenorphine formulations such as Suboxone and Subutex and that make detoxing only a minor inconvenience, rather than a huge challenge. Click the link below and invest in your success with the Ultimate Buprenorphine Freedom Plan. You'll be glad you did.

( And it's 100% risk-free with the iron-clad money back guarantee! )

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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