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Relapse Prevention


Learn how to completely transcend addiction to opioids, alcohol, & any other drug so you stop relapsing (and finally create the life you deserve & become the person you know you could be)

Relapse Prevention


This is a 6-Module Premium Video Course with over 20 Videos, which will teach you my brand new system to prevent relapse to opioids, alcohol, and any other drug. This is not your typical relapse prevention info you'll find online, and it's the result of over 8 years of research into the new discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, biochemical recovery, and over a dozen other interdisciplinary fields that will help set you free.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as your payment goes though, within seconds you'll receive an email with your link and password to log in. You'll then have instant and lifetime access to Relapse Prevention Step-by-Step, giving you 6 Modules & 25 Lessons with over 20 Videos.

The course was created to do 1-2 Modules every week. But you can go through it as fast or as slow as you like. At the end of the program, if you've done the assignments, you'll likely have transcended addiction permanently and thus will never relapse again.

Relapse Prevention Like NEVER Seen

The traditional relapse prevention principles are outdated, but this program is RP like never before.

Mental Software-Based Approaches

Most people keep relapsing due to biochemical imbalances and faulty subconscious software. Fixing this is fast & simple.

Neuropharmacy-Based Approaches

The state of the brain plays a major role in cravings and relapse. By addressing this, you can feel great naturally.

Transcendence-Based Strategy

The best way to prevent relapse is to transcend addiction permanently, which you'll learn how to do.

Check Out What People Are Saying About This Relapse Prevention Blueprint

Garrett Gray

My parents could tell something was wrong and they made me go to rehab. I came back and of course relapsed and got on Suboxone because I heard this was the cure for all drugs. 

It definitely cured me from the other drugs because it was such an addictive drug that got me just as high so I became addicted to Suboxone and it was ruining my life and that’s when I researched and found Matt Finch. 

I contacted him and took his course and his coaching packages and this man literally saved my life!

Matt genuinely cares about his clients and is the most knowledgeable in this area of anyone I’ve ever researched or talked to. If you do what he tells you to do you will beat any kind of addiction!

I know you don’t believe that statement but I can guarantee it’s the truth if you commit to his program. I was using drugs very heavily and he helped me beat them. 

Matt and I are almost like brothers to this day! I still talk with him a few times a month and love him with all of my heart for saving my life and my marriage and my relationship with my kids.

I cannot recommend this man enough if you are struggling with any kind of addiction with drugs.

Here's what you're going to learn in Relapse Prevention


Below is a synopsis of the course curriculum, which is simple, step-by-step, and proven to work.


Module 1: Introduction

In this first, introductory Module, you're going to learn the overview of the course, about the instructor, as well as the instructor's personal story of addiction, recovery, and becoming a successful recovery coach. In the last Lesson, you're going to set your intentions for what you'd like to get out of the program.

  • Welcome New Students!
  • About the Instructor
  • How I Transcended Addiction Over 8 Years Ago
  • Setting Your Intentions for the Course


Module 2: Relapse Prevention 101

This Module is where you start digging into the course material. You're going to learn the details of what Relapse Prevention is, why traditional RP doesn't work too well, as well as an overview on this new cutting edge Relapse Prevention System & Technology. By the end of Module 2, you'll have an in-depth understanding of why you keep relapsing and motivation to learn these new RP skills.

  • What is  Relapse Prevention? (22:34)
  • Traditional Approaches to Relapse Prevention? (15:16)
  • The Missing Links: Leaving out the Good Stuff? (19:34)


Module 3: Continuous 'NP' Enhancement & Optimization

This Module is where you're going to learn how important your endogenous neuropharmacy is, and how to enhance and optimize it using the new science of nutrigenomics. Traditional RP for the most part doesn't include this, and you're going to learn the most advanced and up-to-date strategies and tactics I've learned and developed, which will be the first step to transcending addiction forever.

  • Overview of the NP & Why it's so Important for RP (15:23)
  • How To Find Your NP Deficiencies (11:29)
  • How To Enhance & Optimize Your NP for RP (8:18)
  • How To Supercharge this Pillar of RP (9:43)


Module 4: Hacking into & Rewriting the C & S Softwares Scripts

I've literally never before shared the information you're going to learn in Module 4. I've been developing this training for the past year, and I wanted it to be perfect before I released it to the public. This Module is going to blow your mind (and change your conscious and subconscious minds in specific ways to help you stay away from active addiction for the rest of your life).

  • The Second Forgotten Pillar of Traditional RP Treatment (12:57)
  • Overview of this Pillar & Why it's so Important for RP (11:29)
  • How To Hack into & Rewrite C & S Software Scripts (20:04)
  • How To Rewrite Scripts & Narratives in Any other Life Domain (8:16)


Module 5: Going 'META' & Beyond

In Module 5 you'll be introduced to the world of Meta. Once you go Meta, you never go back. It's the ultimate tool for thinking, processing, feeling, and getting the life you want while ditching the life you don't want. Put in the work one time to learn these tools and skills and benefit for the rest of you life. Module 5 will transform everything for you.

  • Overview of Meta & Why it's so Important for RP (13:44)
  • The Typical Person (7:35)
  • The Person that Has Fully Adopted Meta (9:35)
  • How To Go Meta & Beyond (8:57)


Module 6: The 'TAP' Process & The End of Relapse Forever

Most people believe that addiction is a lifelong incurable disease. I believe that many people can actually cure addiction physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It takes some work and consistently, and the payoff is huge, as you can actually transcend addiction completely, and there is no better relapse prevention strategy than transcendence, which I think is the permanent cure.

  • Overview of the TAP Process (5:14)
  • Why TAP Equals the End of Relapse Forever (12:32)
  • Why TAP Takes Some Time & Work (6:16)
  • Ensuring that You Never Relapse Again (44:53)

About The Course Teacher, Matt Finch

Matt Finch is the founder of Opiate Addiction Support and the co-founder of Elevation Recovery. Over the past 8+ years since quitting opioids, he has learned & created a superabundance of effective Relapse Prevention techniques that he and countless others have used to transform their lives.

However, this brand new Relapse Prevention System & Technology is at least 10X more powerful than anything Matt created or taught before!

Why does it cost $2,000?

Traditional addiction treatment & relapse prevention teachings have such a low success rate that I often wonder why these programs are still used by millions.

Most relapse prevention outpatient programs charge hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, despite the super high failure rates of these programs.

Addiction and relapse cost a lot (financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationships, etc). And being vulnerable to relapse is like a dark cloud hanging over you that makes you potentially unsafe at all times.

Relapse Prevention Step-by-Step is different than any other program available, as it goes way beyond the decades old techniques and incorporates the latest research in neuro-chemistry, nutrigenomics, psychology, quantum physics, & more.

The most effective way to transcend addiction and prevent relapse would be to hire me as a coach for 6 weeks, which I charge $2,000 for. Fortunately, I've created Relapse Prevention Step-by-Step to teach you how to become immune to relapse by going through the Modules and Lessons on your own, & the price is unbeatable.

Pricing Plan


Relapse Prevention Step-by-Step (6 Module Video Course)

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Private coaching

6 Weeks of 1-on-1 Relapse Prevention Coaching 

  • Relapse Prevention Course
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  • Access to All Modules
  • 6 Weeks of Private Coaching
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Accountability to Reach Goals
  • Structured & Customized
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

To make this a totally risk-free investment in your future, I want you to know that if for any reason whatsoever you'd like a full refund, please email

Then simply type the word "Refund" in the email, nothing more is needed, and within 24-48 hours your refund will be processed, and all of your money will be refunded to your card or PayPal account. Now you have zero worries...

As you can enjoy the course knowing that you have 30 days to try it out, and get all of your money back for any reason, no questions asked, and no hard feelings whatsoever. 

Enroll in Relapse Prevention Step-by-Step Today! Knowing your purchase is 100% Risk-Free!

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Disclaimer: As with all programs, results can and will vary depending on the person and the effort and many other factors.. Thus, we make no promises about the specific results. However, if you go through the entire program and do the assignments one-by-one, you will have an amazing experience, and the more you put into it the better chances you'll have at creating extraordinary results.