12 Weeks To Suboxone Free: The NEW Way to Recover From Suboxone Dependence

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For Women Only (Sorry Men!)

12 WEEKS TO SUBOXONE FREE is a brand new program and method for getting off Suboxone. With this "hybrid" coaching/training program, you'll have a powerful system that can help you get off Suboxone more comfortably, while maintaining a positive mindset and empowering emotions.

Getting off Suboxone will be so achievable with the synergistic combination you're about to learn about.

So... if you're a woman on Suboxone and your goal is to get off more comfortably and holistically, then look no further, because 12 WEEKS TO SUBOXONE FREE was custom-made for your exact situation and goals. You're going to love this...


Here's What You're Getting

Group & Individual Coaching

You'll get 3 hours of one-on-one phone coaching and 12 60-minute weekly group sessions, which are all conducted online.

Weekly Live Webinars & PDFs

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm Eastern you'll get a 60-Minute Live Video related to getting off Suboxone comfortably.

Secret Facebook Group

In this group, you can ask questions for me and the other female participants, update your progress, and connect with each other.

Email Support

For 12 weeks, you'll have the ability to email your questions to me, and then I'll respond in detail and make sure you're taken care of.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is a special, one-time investment or 3-month payment plan for women on Suboxone that are on my email list only.

It's not being offered to anyone else.

If this program is ever done again, it won't be for at least 6-9 months from now, as it takes a lot of energy, time, and work to facilitate a program like this.

For the investment of $1597, you'll get the following:

  • 3 Hours of Individual Phone-Coaching with me 
  • 3 Months of Weekly, 60-Minute Online Group Coaching Sessions which consists of Live Webinars (which will be recorded for you), PDF Worksheets and Assignments, plus Q & A time for you and the rest of the Group
  • VIP Email Support from me
  • 3 months of 24/7 access to the 12 WEEKS TO SUBOXONE FREE Facebook Group -- which is a "Secret Group" -- so your Facebook friends will never know that you're in the group

Note: I'm going to be a LOT of Energy, Time, Dedication, and Passion into this program. It's going to be my best program yet (by far), and I just know that the participants are going to have the most life-changing transformations!!!

Only 8 spots in 12 Weeks to Suboxone Free!

I'm only accepting up to 8 women for this program. So if you want to secure your spot and make sure that you get to be a part of 12 WEEKS TO SUBOXONE FREE, click below and enter your payment information. You can do a one-time payment of $1597, or 3 monthly payments of $599.

What people are saying about Matt:

"I haven’t had to take ANYTHING in 2 days and I feel great!!!!"

"I haven’t had to take ANYTHING in 2 days and I feel great!!!! This is ALL thanks to God AND Matt!!!! God lead me to Matt who provided the info I needed for these ingredients so I could FINALLY get some relief!!! So I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Matt for caring. You are awesome Matt!!!"

"Day 2 and 3 i was weedwacking. Usually i don’t even want to put on my shoes."

"This stuff works folks. i am on day 9. Thank-you Matt for your research. I have gone through suboxone twice in the last 5 years. It is difficult to believe something as simple as this can get you through acute withdrawal. Day 2 and 3 i was weedwacking. Usually i don’t even want to put on my shoes."

A Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual Program
(From November 1 to January 30)

Most Suboxone doctors think their patients should just stay on the medication forever. And if you ask them how to quit, they'll typically just tell you to "taper slow." Unfortunately, that's usually not enough to get off Suboxone comfortably.


You'll learn my "4-Pillars Method," which helps you quit Suboxone comfortably using Bio-Hacking, Psychology, Spirituality, Empowering Relationships, Accountability, and much more. 

This system is the perfect blend of Integrative Therapies that are targeted at helping you feel comfortable and positive while coming off Subs.

Here is a broad overview of what you'll learn in each of the 12 weeks:

  • Week 1 - Program Introduction and Overview
  • Week 2 - The Art & Science of Suboxone Detox & Recovery
  • Week 3 - Bio-Hacking for a Comfortable Transition off Medication
  • Week 4 - Mindset Training
  • Week 5 - Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Week 6 - Strengthening Your Spirituality
  • Week 7 - Embracing Challenge and Change
  • Week 8 - Measuring Progress, and Fine-Tuning
  • Week 9 - Strengthening Commitment & Resolve
  • Week 10 - Celebrating Achievements and Staying the Course
  • Week 11 - Elevating Consciousness
  • Week 12  - Transcending Old Identity and Completing 100% Transformation

Features & Benefits of the Program

This type of program has never been done before. It's a unique and powerful blend of the most effective therapies for getting off Suboxone. 

==>You'll get One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching, 12 Weeks of Live 60-Minute Webinars with Worksheets and Q & A's, a secret 24/7 Facebook Group for Members only, and Email Support. 

==>Additionally, it's for women on Suboxone and no one else. How cool is that? There is literally no other program like this, and I'm going to go all out to make it the most transformational experience you've ever gone through.

==>Here are 3 more reasons why this is so effective...


Support system of women. You'll be in a tight group of women that are all stuck on Suboxone and who all want to get off the medication, and there is immense power from having other women cheering you on and vice versa.


Weekly and monthly milestones. You'll be assessed at the beginning and based on your current situation, I'll help you come up with weekly and monthly goals to hit, and these goals will help you stay on the right track.


Total 100% accountability. It's really hard to get off Suboxone by yourself. But when you have your coach and fellow group members holding you accountable to your goals, this magic combination helps you "Just Do it."

MATT FINCH  //  Creator of 12 Weeks To Suboxone Free

A former opiate addict myself, I've been helping people get off Suboxone comfortably for almost 8 years now. I teach my clients about Detox strategies, tapering, withdrawal remedies, psychology, and many more effective modalities of detox and recovery.

I've helped likely tens of thousands of people get off Suboxone as a result of my coaching, blog, YouTube Channel, and Newsletter. But this program is going to completely outshine all of my previous work.

Matt Finch

More Proof That Matt Gets Results

"I have not had ANY horrible withdrawals."

"I have to admit so far I have been very well, from 16 ml of subozone to 1ml now. I have not had ANY horrible withdrawals. I do what Matt suggests and it works. Thank you Matt!  I wonder when the bad withdrawals are gonna start???"

"You've helped save my life..."

"Matt, again thank you. You've helped save my life…This plan has given my life and soul back. I feel amazing now."

"You do nothing short of saving lives."

"Hi Matt,
I am forever indebted to you. I just want to thank you for what you do.
You do nothing short of saving lives.
I will never forget" 🙂

Feel Comfortable & Positive While Quitting.

I am REALLY EXCITED about this program!!! I just know this is going to be the most helpful program yet. 12 WEEKS TO SUBOXONE FREE will give you the tools to succeed, the education you need, and the blend of Individual & Group Coaching with the other features can help you get off Suboxone more comfortably and truly leave Suboxone in the past.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If after the first week you're not completely overjoyed with the program, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Matt  Finch

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